Incentives for Upgrading Your Elevator
Building owners seeking to upgrade or retrofit their existing elevator(s) and lower their energy consumption can now take advantage of available cash incentives to reduce the cost of modernizing to a newer system.
STRATCO's in-depth knowledge of the NYS incentive programs help our clients maximize their incentives.
STRATCO’s Competitive Advantage:
  • Application Preparation
  • Dedicated Customer Service to the Property Owner
  • Full Time Dedicated Contractor Support
  • Coordinate Incentive Processing With Program Provider
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control Management
  • Incentive Optimization
Customer Benefits:
  • Value enhance your design
  • Improve your energy letter grade (NYC only)
  • Decrease your carbon emissions
  • No upfront fee due to STRATCO
  • Enhance your capital stack with government funding
  • Customer chooses their installer

If you would like our help navigating the incentive programs, please contact Lilly Hanratty


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