NYC Roof Insulation Rebates with STRATCO

STRATCO is NYC's premier performance-based advisory firm for obtaining government rebates for energy efficiency measures.

STRATCO is currently aggregating sites to install roof insulation within the roof cavity of multi-family buildings in Con Edison territory. Please see the criteria and benefits of this program below.

Here are some key program changes/updates effective from July 10, 2023, to October 1, 2023, for Affordable Housing (or LMI) buildings in Con Edison territory:

  • Roof insulation incentives are based on the area of the roof insulated.
  • Buildings with no existing insulation are eligible for $10 per sq. ft.
  • Wall and window replacements will receive the new incentives of 240/MMBtu saved.
  • Incentives are capped at 85% of the project cost.

  • Applies only to multifamily properties with Con Ed gas heat
  • Applies only to 5+ residential unit properties
  • Incentives covers up to 85% of total project cost. Restrictions applies
  • The typical payback period after incentives is 1 to 2 years on utilities savings
Benefits of Roof Insulation:

  • Lower operating costs with average gas cost savings of 15%
  • Typical payback period is 2 years
  • Reduces heat loss that escapes through the roof
  • Reduce energy usage
  • Compliance with Local Law 97 by mitigating carbon emissions
  • Tenant comfort
If you have any questions and are interested, please reach out to Ariel at

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