Incentives for upgrading your elevator

Building owners looking to enhance or update their current elevator(s) while minimizing energy usage can now benefit from cash incentives to cut down on the expenses associated with transitioning to a more advanced system. STRATCO leverages its comprehensive understanding of the NYS incentive programs to assist clients in optimizing their incentives.

STRATCO’s Competitive Advantage:

·       Application preparation

·       Dedicated customer service to the property owner

·       Full time dedicated contractor support

·       Coordinate incentive processing with program provider

·       Quality assurance and quality control management

·       Incentive optimization

Customer Benefits:

·       Value enhance your design

·       Improve your energy letter grade (NYC only)

·       Decrease your carbon emissions

·       No upfront fee due to STRATCO

·       Enhance your capital stack with government funding

·       Customer chooses their installer

STRATCO is a third-party specialist that navigates New York State incentive programs. STRATCO specializes in creating unique business plans for its clients to solve underserved needs in the marketplace. STRATCO serves the entire value chain with in-depth services to obtain the government incentives available for projects. To learn more about how the new incentives may impact on your development, please contact the below for a free of charge consultation.

Caoimhe Banahan

929 353 2768