DHCR Advisory Solutions Pre-Purchase Diligence Services

If your firm is representing the buyer or seller of a NYC existing multifamily building, STRATCO rent-regulatory experts can deliver a 4-day guaranteed pre-purchase diligence report. This will outline complex rent regulatory guidelines with the legal rent increases, and related data/analysis to make informed business decisions.

Click here to request a download a sample due-diligence report.

Rent Regulatory Services:

  • Lease file audits
  • NYS DHCR “Due Diligence” report
  • Retrieve/FOIL certified historical registration records from DHCR
  • Analysis of registration records for completeness
  • Analysis of cases/dockets to determine potential liability
  • Review of historical rent increases
  • Historical tenancy analysis
  • DHCR annual registrations filing on your behalf
  • IAI documentation & compliance assurance
  • MCI calculations and applications
  • Preparation of building-wide & tenancy comprehensive analysis
  • Preparation and litigation management for all L&T related cases such as rent overcharges and rent reductions

Should you need assistance with filing or have any questions, we can advise, and complete the registrations on your behalf. Contact us to get actionable solutions, and/or a quote for any of the above-mentioned services.

Thank you,

STRATCO Property Solutions

Ariel Sosa