NYS Strategy Towards Building Decarbonization

New York City has over a million buildings, which account for over 70% of the city's emissions by sector from electricity, heating, and cooling. Homes account for around half of the total. To achieve New York’s climate goals, by 2030, 1 to 2 million buildings will need to be equipped with modern electric heating and cooling and paired with energy efficiency. Decarbonizing buildings is critical to lowering emissions. The city has recognized this, for example, with the new state policy goal for energy efficiency and building decarbonization.

The Climate Act establishes a statewide energy efficiency goal of 185 TBtu of total site energy savings by 2025. Governor Hochul called for two million climate-friendly houses by 2030 in her 2022 State of the State Address, including one million electric and efficient homes and one million electrification-ready homes.

The 2025 Climate Act energy efficiency objective will provide near-term progress toward New York's 40x30 climate targets, but it is simply the start of a far more ambitious transformation required to decarbonize New York's six million buildings in accordance with the Climate Act. Building energy efficiency and electrification will be critical in placing the State's building sector on a path to carbon neutrality, while also providing improved living and working spaces for New Yorkers and economic opportunity in the form of clean energy jobs. In their latest strategy outlook, NYSERDA aims to go beyond building-by-building energy efficiency upgrades to decarbonization approaches that can work block-by-block and community-by-community — moving at the scale and pace needed to address the climate crisis.

To date, the combined efforts of NYSERDA, investor-owned utilities, and LIPA in historic and continuing energy efficiency projects have resulted in more than 75 TBtu of avoided energy usage in the construction sector, which is equivalent to fueling and powering over 730,000 New York houses.

Some Key highlighted programs and Initiatives

New York State Clean Heat provides consumer incentives and develops the market for building electrification in coordination with utilities.

Empire Building Challenge demonstrates low-carbon solutions for tall buildings, in partnership with the real estate industry and solution providers; the Empire Technology Prize program spurs innovations.

Buildings of Excellence supports the design, construction, and operation of carbon-neutral multifamily buildings, including affordable housing.

EmPower New York and Assisted Home Performance provides no- and low-cost energy efficiency solutions to income-eligible New Yorkers.
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