Battery Storage Sites Needed in New York City Broker's Protected - Please Forward All Leads

STRATCO is aggregating host sites for landlords and operators interested in leasing their space to Con Edison in an effort to improve the grid's power resiliency and infrastructure.

Geo Location:

  • NYC 5 boroughs
  • Con Edison territory

Sites Requirements: your property must be fall under the following:

  • In a manufacturing, or industrial zone
  • Vacant land preferred
  • Must be an outdoor space
  • Lots 4,000 sq ft or greater preferred
  • Parking lots with large empty space
  • Side & rear yards also acceptable on M zoned property

Brokers Protected:

  • All brokers that provide owner leads and/or locations protected

After confirming that you meet the requirements, please send a site survey or contact to Raymond Wong at

Thank you.

Further Reading:
According to the US Department of Energy, the Biden administration have set out a plan to turn the country solar generated electricity from 4 % to 45 % by 2050. In order to achieve such goal, trillions of dollars in investment by companies, homeowners, and developer will be needed. Both state and federal government have provided incentives to promote the installation of solar and energy storage system. States like New York have tax benefits for installing these systems. In 2019, New York passed the Climate Act with the goal of having 6,000MW of solar by 2025, and 3,000MW of energy storage or batteries by 2030.

In order to generate large quantity of clean energy, additional batteries are needed to support the grid and prevent blackouts. Solar and storage provides the most incentive and benefits. New Yorkers transiting will be eligible for the federal investment tax credit (ITC) and can expect as much as 26% reduction of the cost from their tax. Potential participants should hurry. This deduction is expected to decrease over the next few years.

Stratco Property Solutions will tackle these complex challenges for you and your fellow property owners. We partner with the industry’s business leaders in researches, creation, and execution of highly sophisticated strategies. Stratco provides the whole package on values enhancement opportunities, energy management for building operation, batteries, and many more.