Proposed Gas Bans and Legislation in New York

There are many updates as of the last few months for natural gas use in New York State:

  • Governor Kathy Hochul recently announced her support for a statewide gas ban on new buildings, which would essentially require all new buildings throughout the state to use zero-emission sources of heat by 2027.
  • While it doesn’t guarantee that the ban will become law, momentum is added to similar bills that are on the floor, such as Senate Bill S7176. The bill has not yet been passed in the State Assembly nor Senate, but if passed it would allow NYSERDA to establish energy efficiency performance standards throughout the state and publicize these regulations to achieve them.
  • A similar ban was signed into law in New York City by former Mayor Bill de Blasio in December 2021 which would require all newly constructed buildings (by denying permits in connection with a building that would require forms of combustion in utilities and appliances) to use electric forms of heating and ban fossil fuels, effective 2023. Over time this plan would also append existing fossil fuel-based utilities in existing buildings to the overall law, requiring electrification for all heat sources. This is in line with the current goals of the city to convert the majority of the city to electricity by 2050. These goals oppose the hydrogen and biomethane-based solutions of the natural gas industry.
    STRATCO is well-versed in these upcoming laws and incentive-based programs, including the Clean Heat Program of New York State, the MultiFamily Energy Efficiency Program, and the Affordable Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program, to assist clients with sourcing rebates for their goals of complete electrification of their assets. Please contact us below if you want to have STRATCO explore ASHP & VRF rebates for your asset or if you are interested in any of our energy-related services.

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