LMI Multifamily Joint Implementation Program

NYSERDA’s Multifamily Performance Program (MPP) provides incentives from $700-$3,750 per unit for affordable multifamily property owners and managers who lower their building’s ongoing operating costs by making improvements. MPP will be transitioning to LMI Multifamily Join Implementation Program in the next 1-3 months. The new LMI Multifamily Join Implementation Program is based on a point system, where point values will be assigned to each measure based on its cost, saving potential, depth, and policy goals.

Eligibility/Best Candidates:

  • Open to market-rate AND affordable buildings
  • Open for existing, occupied multifamily buildings with at least 2 years of occupancy prior to project commencement
  • Buildings where at least 50% of the building's gross heated footage is residential space
  • Must pay System Charge (SBS)/NYSERDA Clean Energy Fund on electric utility bill
  • Portfolio owners/managers with 10+ buildings or
  • Owners who are active members in real estate associations (REBNY, UNYC, UHAB, RSA, etc.)

Incentivized measures:

  • Four packages corresponding to major building systems
    1. Envelope: $3,750/dwelling unit
    2. Ventilation: $750/dwelling unit
    3. Heating/Cooling electrification: $750/dwelling unit
    4. Domestic Hot Water (DHW) full or partial electrification: $750/dwelling unit
  • Packages are designed to be modular, meaning that they can be implemented one at a time.
  • These packages include recommended measures with bonus incentives.

To participate in the MPP, clients are required to work with a Multifamily Building Solutions Provider or FlexTech consultant.

If you are interested in receiving the benefits of the available MPP funding available and would like to receive more information, please contact us using the information below.

Thank you,

Robert Sedaghatpour