EV Charging Stations

The state of New York has many goals related to Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging, some of which include deploying over 850,000 EVs by 2025 and creating 10,000 EV charging stations by 2021. To reach this target, multiple incentives with varying benefits have been put into place. Additionally, if your property meets select criteria rebates, STRATCO will install and operate an EV charging station at no out-of-pocket cost. Learn more about the geographic focus, commonly used financial models, and some available incentives.

Geographic Focus:

  • 5 Boroughs and Westchester
  • For Long Island property owners: incentives are expected to increase in this area.

Financial Models: Charging people for using your station is allowed. To make a profit from your station, you can charge customers based on:

  • Energy output
  • Time
  • A combination of both

Incentives: These provided incentives are some of the most common ones that are being taken advantage of by commercial facilities for their employees.

  • NYSERDA rebate: Provides rebates of $4,000 per charging port (and an additional $500 per port bonus for installations in Disadvantaged Communities for Level 2 charging stations in the public, workplace, or multi-unit dwelling parking lots
  • Smart Charge: Enrolled vehicles can receive a $/kWh incentive and a monthly incentive during summer months for charging on off-peak hours.

Next Steps: If you are interested in installing EV chargers on your property, use the contact information below and have the following items available:

  • Most recent Con Edison bill
  • A signed Con Edison Letter of Authorization
  • Site plan
  • One site visit performed by our engineering team

Offering convenience for clients with EVs will distinguish the property from others and provide a competitive advantage as the EV market expands. Please contact us below if you want to have STRATCO explore EV charging station solutions or if you are interested in any of our energy-related services.

Thank you,

Robert Sedaghatpour