LL84 Benchmarking Compliance Extended Deadline Is Now On June 1st

NYC Benchmarking Law (Local Laws 84 and 133) which requires owners of mid-sized and large buildings above 25,000 square feet to annually measure, report, and disclose their water and energy use by May 1st each year to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) has been extended to June 1, 2021. If the consumption data is not submitted by the deadline, owners will be getting an "F" letter grade and be fined $500 per quarter, up to $2,000 per year, according to Administrative Code §28-309.4.
STRATCO can help you with the benchmarking process by:

1. Checking if your property is in the Covered Buildings List
2. Submitting your LL84 compliance requirements on your behalf, which consist of:

  • Reviewing building characteristics that need to be uploaded to the portfolio manager
  • Collecting building energy & water data from electricity, gas, fuel oil, and water utilities
  • Organizing your consumption data and give you a sample benchmarking report for your properties
  • Summarizing the energy efficiency of your building and compare it to other buildings of similar types and sizes
  • Checking data for errors and give you recommendations if there are any

3. Answering any questions about the process

Owners are also required to post the building energy efficiency rating (BEER) letter grades issued by the DOB per Local Law 33 as amended by Local Law 95. These energy efficiency scores will be given by the city as early as October 1st, and after the benchmarking information is submitted. Energy Star energy efficiency scores will be assigned as follows:

  • A= greater than or equal to 85
  • B= greater than or equal to 70, less than 85
  • C= greater than or equal to 55, less than 70
  • D= less than 55
  • F= did not submit benchmarking information
  • N= exempted from benchmarking

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