Local Law 97 Newly Enacted Amendments

Recent Changes to Local Law 97 of 2019:
On October 29, 2020 the NYC City Council enacted Intro Bill 1947-2020A that amends the definition of rent-regulated accommodations to include only dwellings in which 35% or more of the dwelling units are required to be rent-regulated.

What To Do Now:

  1. STRATCO can calculate and help you understand your carbon emissions penalty exposure.
  2. We will do a thorough energy audit to understand your building's energy and GHG performance.
  3. Provide recommendations for your retrofit plan before 2024.
  4. Get your asset LL97 compliant and avoid potential fines.
  5. Do all the related work with no out of pocket expenses. We will fund the cost with the energy savings.

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Robert Sedaghatpour