January 2020 Update
What Do We Focus On This Year?
A NYC Multi-Family Owner's New Year Resolution

  1. I will not dwell on old legislation.
  2. I will accept the new reality of doing business in NYC.
  3. I realize that while one door closes, another one opens.
  4. I accept that the majority of the public does not want to see an increase in median rent prices in our State.
  5. While I can't grow my rent roll, I am committed to exploring initiatives in cutting my expenses.
  6. I am committed to finding programs, incentives, and rebates offered by the city, state, and federal government to improve my building and its bottom line.
  7. I am committed to cutting my energy costs up to 80% from 2018 levels.
  8. I want to engage a third-party to execute all energy cost cutting measures while I can determine other strategies on growing our portfolio.
  9. I want to file for a refinance and pull out additional proceeds above my current debt amount by the end of 2020.
  10. I commit to providing my investors with an innovative quarterly update on how we are re-engineering our building's energy and cutting operating costs.
  11. I want to achieve my preferred returns for myself and my investors in 2020.

The Path To Getting There

  1. STRATCO's Sustainability Division is a total solution provider to analyze the existing conditions, source financing/rebates/incentives, develop a strategic energy plan, project manage the retrofit, monitor and evaluate the data post-job completion.
  2. STRATCO has access and expertise on rebates and incentives offered by the Federal, State, and local governments on sustainability measures targeting NYC multi-family buildings.
  3. STRATCO has been working with some of its clients on retrofitting its buildings.
  4. STRATCO is able to cut your energy consumption 25-80% from your current levels based on new technologies available in the market.
  5. STRATCO will provide you with a road map of savings, project execution, and financial analysis to increase your property's bottom line.
  6. Click here to learn more about these services or call 646-760-9723
  • To listen to the NAIOP webinar (12/11/19) outlining the State of the NYC Multi-Family Market hosted by B6's Mitchel Flaherty and STRATCO's Rob Sedaghatpour, click below
  • To learn more about STRATCO's property management services, click here
  • To reach STRATCO regarding any other matter, click here

Thank you,

Robert Sedaghatpour