Development Sites & Your High Vacancy Rates

Managing uncertainty and unforeseen circumstances are a constant part of a real estate developer’s purview. One year ago, many of us would never have envisioned, let alone underwritten, today’s reality of a 25% vacancy rate in prime market-rate buildings along with a collections rate of only 70%. At STRATCO, we believe that risk mitigation is [...]

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STRATCO Property Solutions – Energy Services

STRATCO Property Solutions will assist you to comply with LL84/LL133, LL87, and LL97 and avoid the next upcoming fines. We provide a simple way to achieve insights-driven benchmarking, Energy Star certification, and local laws compliance. We help owners of industrial, commercial, and multifamily facilities deliver cost-saving energy efficiency solutions. Contact us to obtain a complimentary [...]

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The New Rules of Engagement

We’ve provided a brief synopsis of the most impactful legislative items affecting NYC multi-family. Annual Rent Registrations In response to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, DHCR has extended the July 31 deadline for filing the 2020 Annual Rent Registrations to September 30, 2020. Read here to learn about about these items.    

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The Advantages of LED Lighting for your Business and the Environment

LED Lights Background  The Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting revolution started over 10 years ago. Upgrading to LED lights can be energy-advantageous in virtually every niche. The technology is still offering a huge span of efficiencies among all the products in the market which can immediately make an impact after installation. The differential in energy [...]

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A NYC Multi-Family Owner’s Guide To Sustainability

We're closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on the NYC real estate industry. Our business office is closed and our staff are operating remotely should you have any needs. While the world has reached a near standstill, there are still local laws that have due dates in the near future and we are here to [...]

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What Do We Focus On This Year?

STRATCO's Sustainability Division is a total solution provider to analyze the existing conditions, source financing/rebates/incentives, develop a strategic energy plan, project manages the retrofit, monitor and evaluates the data post-job completion. Learn more about the 2020 resolutions here.  

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New Rent Overcharge Exposure

Landlords of buildings in lower Manhattan receiving 421-g tax benefits are facing a wave of overcharge claims. In late June, the state's highest court ruled that units which were initially subject to rent stabilization law by virtue of their building receiving tax breaks under the "421-g" program, remain stabilized so long as the building continues [...]

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The Effects & Contingency Plans Post The 2019 Rent Laws

As the dust settles on last month's passage of the Housing Stability & Tenant Protection Act of 2019, landlords and all those involved in the NY real estate industry are grappling with how to adjust to this new reality. Click here to read some ideas on how to best adjust and master this new [...]

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STRATCO Launching New Property Management Services

In an ongoing effort to better serve the needs of our clients. STRATCO is pleased to announce the launch of a new property management service. Click here to read all about this new service and our competitive advantages.

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