STRATCO is an NYS multi-family total solution provider tasked with tackling the most complex challenges facing the NYS multi-family operators/owners. We partner with the industry’s business leaders in creating and executing the most forward-thinking and holistic value enhancement strategies in this asset class.

What We Do

STRATCO researches, creates and executes highly sophisticated strategies specifically on NYS multi-family properties.  It focuses on value enhancement opportunities within revenue growth and energy management areas of a building operation.

STRATCO's markets

Who We Are

Our agents are weathered professionals who perform due-diligence, identify cost-cutting initiatives, and value enhancement opportunities on value-add asset situations or portfolios. STRATCO consultants have been highly sought after at a multitude of industry conferences, events, and monthly newsletters.

Who We Serve

Our clients include large-scale operators and developers, institutional operators, small to mid-sized ownership groups, family-owned portfolios, and landlord & tenants attorneys. Within each of these pools, STRATCO understands the uniqueness of their operating styles, methods of capital deployment decision making. STRATCO has become a trusted and respected source for them in navigating new and complex areas of their business plans.