Rent Regulatory Strategy Consulting

STRATCO is a NYS multi-family total solution provider tasked with tackling the most complex challenges facing the NYS multi-family operators/owners. We partner with the industry’s business leaders in creating a community established on harmony, respect, transparency, and trust. STRATCO has quickly become the preeminent consulting firm for all items relating to rent-regulated apartments in the city. Our consultants specialize in maximizing the value of their client’s assets to ensure they are getting the very best possible return.

Sustainability & Strategic Energy Management

There are numerous energy-efficiency related challenges and opportunities in the city built environment. Our sustainability division identifies and executes the best solutions to reduce your property's energy consumption and per capita carbon emissions in a manner that can be replicated at scale. Our one-stop-shop turnkey approach is aimed to save you money, become more energy-efficient, comply with the city's ordinances, and make a positive environmental impact.