The "Housing Stability and Tenant Protection act of 2019"; extends and makes certain provisions of law permanent relating to rent control and rent stabilization; repeals provisions of law relating to rent increases after vacancy of housing accommodations; relates to vacancy of certain housing accommodations;  relates to vacancies in certain housing accommodations and repeals various provisions of law relating to vacancy decontrol; relates to regulation of rents; relates to investigation of rent overcharge complaints; establishes the "statewide tenant protection act of 2019"; expands rent and eviction protections statewide; relates to rent adjustments and prohibition of fuel pass-along charges; relates to recovery of certain housing accommodations; relates to not-for-profits use of certain residential dwellings; relates to the temporary increase in rent in certain cases; enacts the "rent regulation reporting act of 2019"; enacts the "statewide housing security and tenant protection act of 2019"; relates to conversions to cooperative or condominium ownership in New York City, and relates to the duties and responsibilities of manufactured home park owners and residents.