Solar PV panels can be integrated into buildings for electricity generation. Having solar panels in your building can reduce the reliance on fossil fuels and the electric demand on NYC electric grid. STRATCO has partnered with best-in-class industry engineering and installers professionals to add future-proof solar PV technologies to your building.

Why Go Solar: Benefits
  • Great return on investment over the years, reduces your operating costs by creating deep energy savings
  • Energy bills become more predictable and less costly
  • Higher property value and buildings are more desirable to potential buyers because of predictable electricity bills and environmental consciousness
  • Take benefit from higher tax credits and abatement programs that will have a sunset period and phase out over the years as more solar PV projects get installed in NYC
  • “Greener” image for your building and lower carbon footprint
  • Improve your compliance with NYC LL97 carbon emissions reductions
  • Create a marketplace advantage with a sustainability focus
  • Solar PV can help you meet criteria for LEED or Energy Star certification
  • Solar panels are very durable (~25 years lifespan) and require low maintenance
  • If you have a large rooftop and want to export your energy generation to the grid, you can sell power back to the grid as a revenue generator via renewable credit
  • Solar PV can work in tandem with other technologies such as battery/storage, heat pumps, and clean & heat power co-generation to make your resilience and energy savings even deeper

Please contact us if you want to have STRATCO explore solar PV solutions for your asset on your behalf.