STRATCO is a utility rebate aggregator for ConEdison and is seeking Air-source Heat Pump (ASHP) and Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) jobs to apply for rebates for NYC.

  • Con Edison has given only until August 31st to submit retroactive application for jobs under construction or completed. Going forward, only jobs in pre-development may be submitted.
Job Criteria
  • HVAC must be all electric
  • Multi-Family – should be defined as minimum of 5 dwelling units
  • Commercial – business customers with a monthly peak demand of 300kW or less
  • ASHP or VRF installed in 5 boroughs must be completed on or after July 2020
  • Pre-development and current ongoing construction is acceptable
  • Rebate may be up to 75% of the job cost in some circumstances
What To Do If You Are Interested
Contact us here to provide you an eligibility form to determine if your project qualify.