STRATCO is a utility rebate aggregator for ConEdison and is seeking Heat Pump Water Heater (HPWH) jobs to apply for rebates for NYC.
Why HPWHs?
  • HPWHs are economical and energy efficient- electrification may become a requirement, with many municipalities adopting all-electric reach codes to significantly reduce carbon emissions (over 80%)
  • 50% energy reduction and 60% water use reduction over baseline for multifamily buildings
  • Improve your building’s energy letter grade
  • Make your building into an ENERGY STAR building
What are the Financial Benefits?
  • Savings in equipment costs, rebates, and taxation of carbon emissions
  • Rebates available through NYS Clean Heat Program as well as NYSERDA
  • As of 7/15, commercial HPWH (tank size > 120 gal) rebate amounts have more than doubled.
  • Gas water heaters offer marginal annual energy savings but HPWHs are more desirable in terms of equipment costs, rebates and carbon emission tax savings, and guaranteed availability of resources
  • Tenants will be responsible for utility bill, so marginal energy costs will not be felt
Best Candidates
New office floors, gut rehabs, and new construction projects
What To Do If You Are Interested
Please contact us here and we will provide you an eligibility form and help you save with HPWH rebates for your asset.